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 Annual exhibition.

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PostSubject: Annual exhibition.   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:37 am

It is a shame that once again the weather was not very good on the opening night.

Although 'free' invitations are sent out to prospective buyers and members of MIWAS there are several factors that put people off coming.

1. Queuing outside the main gate

2. Insufficient room on road train after queuing.

3. Road train seats being wet

4. Queuing outside Marwell Hall itself.

5. Access to and around the various rooms ( especially end room ) cramped.

If I were a person of some standing with funds sufficient to purchase one of the many professional artists paintings I certainly would not

put up with the above conditions in order to do so.

I have purchased artworks from the Marwell exhibition but only because I am attending as a member.

Many of the people who are queuing are hoping to purchase art that is within their means financially

In order to see the exhibition during the day the public have to pay the zoo's fees and will possibly have children with them.

Most children do not want to spend time in an art exhibition.

Whilst I love the Zoo, and the house I do not think it should be used for future MIWAS exhibitions if you want to attract people who

would like good parking, easy entry access and not to have to endure having to remain outside in inclement weather conditions.

Perhaps even bring the exhibition forward by 4-6 weeks might improve chances of better weather.


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Annual exhibition.
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